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  Nutrition within the nursery

At Wyeside day Nursery we know that food plays an important role in a child's physical and mental development. We actively promote healthy eating and source locally produced sustainable products wherever possible. 

We have full time Chef on site who prepares all the children's meals daily using fresh and locally produced food. Where possible we use organic fruit and vegetables and our meat is free range ( where possible) from a local butcher. 

Portion sizes are controlled to ensure they meet the child's requirements and a balance across all food groups. We can cater for every child's dietary need including the need to be fully or partially tube fed.

  We provide whole milk for children under 2 and semi skimmed milk for children over 2 which all comes direct from Trewen Farm dairy. The children often visit the dairy to see the cows being milked so they know exactly where their milk comes from.


We provide water for all children throughout the day and ensure that they have constant access to their water bottles.

We of course occasionally enjoy a slice of birthday cake or similar but the children are very much aware that foods of these types should be eaten and enjoyed as a treat and not part of a daily diet.

We aim for at least 3 hours of physical activity for all children attending the setting. Even our tiny babies have tummy time, action rhymes and such to ensure that healthy life choices are instilled from an early age.

Every year we have a food inspection by Environmental Health. We are proud to say we have always received a 5 star rating for our superb kitchen hygiene and food quality.

Great Trewen Milk.

"Gentally pasterurised milk"

Great Trewen is a family farm, run by three generations of the Amos family.

Their cows graze on the lush green grass within the Wye Valley near Ross on Wye during Spring, Summer and Autumn.  During the Winter months, when the grass no longer grows, they are brought in for shelter from the bad weather. During this time, they are fed grass and maize which was harvested earlier in the year. 

The milk is gently pasteurised on the farm, at a low heat for a longer period of time to help to retain the natural flavour.  It is not homogenised, meaning nothing is taken out or added to it.

They sell their milk direct to customers from Great Trewen Milk Shed which is just one mile away from the farm.  (very few food miles here).  From the vending machine you can purchase glass reusable bottles (saving on plastic waste) to transport your milk home and use to refill on your next visit.

Their milk is also available at Woods of Whitchurch, The Little Meal House, Brampton Abbotts and Pengethley Farm Shop.

Trewen is very happy to be supplying several Children’s Nurseries including Wyeside Nursery giving the next generation the benefits of our delicious, fresh, free range milk.

Organic & Free range meat


All of the meats that we use and consume in the nursery are organic where possible and free range meat from a local butcher in Hereford. The food is also Red tractor assured.

We are proud members of the soil association and actively promote a happy , healthy and natural lifestyle.

Child Feeding Calf

All children's meals are homemade on site using locally sourced  food and organic produce where possible by our head Chef, Hayley.

If you wish to discuss any food related questions please call us on 01432 358070.

Click the button below to look at some sample Menu's we offer.

Here are some pictures of the delicious HOME COOKED meals our chef has made for the children this term.

Salmon fish cakes with a golden savoury vegetable rice ; Lamb Moussaka with tomatoes & cucumber ; Roast Pork with vegetables ; Bread & butter pudding made with brioche ; Chocolate brownie, Oat & raisin cookies ; Carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting ; Victoria sandwich cakes with fresh cream & strawberries.

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