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What our parents say about us ....

From 2021-2022

Mrs E

Ellie and everyone in the 2-3 years are the best !! Thank you for caring for our daughter and going above and beyond. Thank you for all the wiped tears, comforting hugs and being a place that I can rely on and know that she is happy and being looked after so well. You are all superstars. 

Ellie- I'm not sure i can express how thankful I am that you were our daughters key person and how much you mean to our family. Im so thankful for everything you have put into our daughter. You have allowed me peace of mind. I know she is being looked after, having the best time and wanting to be at nursery! You are warm, kind, funny, patient and have a genuine interest in our girl. You are a first class room lead. You are our super-hero!

Chloe-you have watched our girl grow in 2 different rooms now and she loves her story time with you and that you give her stickers for clearing up. It gives her a sense of pride and purpose in her busy day.

Sadie- Our girl loves to chat to you whilst you both play. She said she loves messy play best and talks about you often.

Hattie- you are our daughters friend! she repeatedly tells me " Hattie is my friend". Thank you for making her feel so special.

Paige- You are obviously the joker of the group as our daughter jokes and laughs about things you do together. I don't get half of the jokes as they are told by a 3 year old but she thinks you are funny and we think our girl is too!

Mrs P

18 months ago my son started at Wyeside with very few spoken words and his social skills were very behind due to lockdown. I personally was very worried about his development. He is now leaving nursery a completely different child. He has absolutely thrived under your care and is now confident, sociable, has varied interests and can talk the hind legs off a donkey! Thank you for all the opportunities your team have given him. He has loved forest school, the trips, dance, and playing outside on the bikes. He has loved coming to nursery and is very sad to be leaving Wyeside ( as I am). Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my little boy and keep up the great work you are all doing.

Mr & Mrs H-M

As parents the idea of leaving your child with a group of strangers is such a difficult thing to come to terms with, but seeing how well my daughter settled within the nursery really put my mind at ease. All the staff in the baby room are assets to the company. We cannot thank you enough.

Mrs S

Thank you to all of you for your kind support you have given to me and my son. I will never forget how you helped us become more settled in the UK. Also all the lovely songs my son sings to me each day. All my love and gratitude.

Mr & Mrs K

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do. Thank you does not seem enough. You are all incredible and amazing at your jobs. All of you have taken such great care of our special girl. We are all going to miss you so very much. Since she has been with you she has flourished beyond beliefs. You have all captured our hearts and we will never forget what you have done for us. The support you have shown us as a family is truly amazing and again for this I can not thank you. Thanks to you she has had the most amazing start in her education. As a nursery you are one in a million.

Mrs N

We would like to thank you for your great effort. Our child came to your nursery without any idea in english, yet she was comfortable and happy nearly from day 1. She has grown and learned and developed so much, it's unbelievable. We appreciate the extra effort by all staff, you were wonderful.

Mrs P

I can not believe the time has come for my child to leave you guys. Thank you so much for everything. She has loved coming to nursery and has made some amazing memories. Thank you to each and everyone of you for making her feel so safe and loved. She is really going to miss you all so, so much. You should all be so proud of yourselves and each other because without you guys Wyeside wouldn't be the amazing nursery it is. You are truly the best.

Mr & Mrs J

Thank you so much for everything you've done to help and look after my son and "me " over the last couple of months. Your flexibility and willingness to take our son on at such short notice has been very much appreciated. You've given our son a wonderful change of scene and chance to grow and develop, and provided us with a much needed break after a tough year of lockdown without my family to help. 

Mr & Mrs W

Im going to attempt to put into words how grateful we are for everything wyeside has done for us over the last 2 years. I remember you giving me the tour like it was yesterday, and i was immediately hit by how homely the nursery was. It didn't feel like a learning or school environment, it felt warm and welcoming. You were all incredibly patient with us and our son during his long settling-in phase but were always so kind and welcoming.  Your help, support and accommodation of our son, visitors, paperwork and assessments has meant so much to us, never making us feel like we were putting you out. Since the covid-19 pandemic, I have raved to people about your incredible communication throughout, always ensuring that we and other parents know that you are doing everything you can to keep yourselves, and our children safe. Not once during the pandemic have I worried about our son's wellbeing at nursery. Im sure you already know this but you have a fantastic team at Wyeside. Linda is always cheerful and happy. Niki is a fountain of knowledge and I always felt that she would stand up for our son ensuring he got the required support from outside agencies. Emily last year was adored by our son and us alike. Lindsay has been incredible and we are so grateful for everything she has done for us and our son. Special mentions to Katie and Jess who our son often talks about and loves spending tome with. All our love and thanks.


Miss P

Thank you for being so helpful in my moving out process. Some of you will know it has not been the easiest, but i have really appreciated the support from all the staff at nursery. Thank you also for being a listening ear when we had a bit of trouble along our way. We thought a supportive bunch of gals needed some cakes and flowers as a thank you.


Erin (member of staff)

I just want to say a huge thank you to each of you for making me feel so welcome from the moment I started here. I have loved every minute of my time at Wyeside and so much of that is down to you guys! you have all been so kind and supportive towards me and I hope you realise how much I appreciate each of you. it really breaks my heart that I have to leave but i've made some amazing memories and some even more amazing friends. I will truly miss working with every one of you.

Mr & Mrs K

Just to say a big thank you for making our son's time at nursery so happy and enjoyable. Thanks for your patience and for the quality of care you provide each and every day. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for preparing our child for a lifetime of success.







From 2019-2020.

Mr & Mrs M.

I just wanted to say a huge "Thank you " to everyone at Wyeside that has taken care of our child this year. Due to COVID it’s been a very different atmosphere for everyone and it’s been handled very well and for that we are very grateful. It hasn’t seemed to have bothered our child and he continues to really enjoy his time at nursery and looks forward to coming. 


Alfie & Parents

Thank you so much for helping Alfie to settle and accommodating our needs with work adjustments. Alfie absolutely loved it at nursery & we couldn't ask for more as parents. Seeing all the changes in his growth has been amazing. Sophie, Mel and Jess , you have been an absolute god send. Thank you for all the hard work. Alfie will miss you so much.

Mr & Mrs K

Just to say a BIG thank you for making our son's time at nursery so happy & enjoyable. Thanks for your patience & for the quality of care you have provided each & every day. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you all for preparing our child for a lifetime of success.

Rafi & parents

Thank you so much for the incredible care for our little man & for his life time playing. singing, dancing, forest schooling and all the other opportunities he has had. We are as sad that his time with you is over. From the bottom of our hearts we will miss you all very much.


Marshall and his parents

A big thank you teachers & friends of Marshall for the love, understanding and ease you have given for our child. Thank you for helping our son take his first step in education & all the fun that was made. He will definitely miss you all. We are so grateful for everything you have taught our son.


Zac, Mum & Dad

Thank you very much for the fantastic care and attention you gave to Zac in his time with you. He has flourished from it. We have loved hearing his stories each day of all the fun he has been doing. Thank you again.



Jasper & parents

Thank you for looking after me and playing games and helping me paint and draw. Thank you for all the cuddles and bubbles.

Harry & Mum

Thank you for helping Harry to settle and enjoy his time at nursery. We think you are all fab and we will miss you all.

Mollie & mum

Thank you for taking great care of me this year, I always had lots of great stories to tell everyday. I will miss you all.

Sam & Mum

Thank you so much for giving Sam such a special time at nursery. You  have all been wonderful and he always loved being there.

Rufus and parents

We want to thank you so much for making our sons time at nursery so happy and enjoyable. Thank you for the love and support to our family too.

Phoebe and parents

Thank you so much for all the love and care you've given to Phoebe over the past three years. She's loved her time at Wyeside and will miss you all.

Rachel & Colin

Thank you for a wonderful year. You are such a wonderful team and we are really sad its come to an end so quickly.


Thank you so much for everything you have done for Ruby. She has loved her time with you and developed into such a happy & confident girl. She will miss you all.

Lucy and family

We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has cared for George. Everyone has been so kind and caring and helped him settle and thrive at nursery. Thank you.

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