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Welcome to Wyeside Day Nursery and out of school wraparound care that has been established for over 20 years. We provide complete childcare for children aged three months to eleven years through our "Outstanding" day nursery and out of school provisions.

We are open 7.00 am to 6.00 pm, five days a week for 51 weeks of the year including bank holidays.

We can provide home cooked meals on site using local and some organic ingredient's. Our meat is all free range from Pritchard's butchers in Herefordshire.

We are situated in a  purpose built nursery that has a very unique home from home feel.This is because we have long adopted the Danish concept of Hygge.

Free places available for eligible two, three and four year olds.

At Wyeside we have three qualified level 3 Forest school leaders. We have a fantastic mud kitchen, a fire circle, a real working clay oven and plenty of opportunities for exploring and investigating nature in our beautiful natural surroundings.

Our forest school has a child led approach enabling holistic development that promotes confidence, self esteem, risk taking, concentration skills, academic achievement and a re connection with nature.


Children from the age of 2 years participate in our sessions run by our forest school leaders. We are very fortunate to be so close to the River Wye that we can enjoy frequent visits to observe the wildlife and seasonal changes.





The preschool children benefit from free weekly Spanish lessons led by Laura Symonds who owns a spanishtastic franchise.


Kidslingo – an award-winning kids language franchise – aims to inspire young children from birth to learn  Spanish through the use of songs, dance, games, stories and drama. The lessons have a fun based emphasis where children learn skills in all areas of learning and it helps develop their own first language.


We have seen the children develop in their confidence and attention increased. It has been really fun for all and the parents were so impressed at the pre school graduation party.






Wyeside Day Nursery is extremely pleased to have a fully equipped sensory and soft play room. The marvellous room is accessible to all children and the children all benefit from the excellent facilities where sound, vision and touch are all explored.


The soft play room allows children to take risks and explore their limits in a safe environment. The room is also used as a haven for children who at times can become overstimulated by the nursery environment.

 The room will be available for hire hourly for groups and families in the local community so please contact us for more details.

Yvonne says "I have been running Baby Ballet/music and movement sessions for 2-3 year olds and Pre - School aged children for over 10 years.  The free sessions are half an hour and consist of familiar nursery rhymes but with bigger movements, foundation for dance of pointing toes, bending and stretching legs etc. We also lay the foundation for mime by acting out scenes from  books.


The children like  walking through the jungle and acting out going to the seaside. We give each child a chiffon scarf for them to explore movement  to classical music. Each week follows a similar pattern and routine which the children learn and enjoy. Music and movement is good for developing listening skills, listening out for different sounds in the music which changes our movement, physical co-ordination running on tip toes, stretching, curling up, standing on one leg etc. 


Baby Ballet also develops creativity for example, in the acting section I ask the children for ideas; what would you take to the beach? What animals can we see in the jungle etc? It's always a fun session ".

Yvonne has been attending Wyeside Nursery delivering baby ballet sessions for over 8 years and we have seen significant changes to all the children's physical development. It helps children develop their strength and stamina by improving co-ordination, flexibility and range of motion throughout the whole body. Dance movement can also increase balance, co-ordination, muscle-tone and cardiovascular health. Dancing helps children become more aware of themselves and express their emotions

At Wyeside Nursery we are fortunate to be accessing yoga within the setting  The babies and children are really enjoying the sessions. Classes are based on stories and journeys helping to engage children and ensuring Yoga is fun. Each class is tailored to the group taking into account their development stages. They are based around positivity, encouraging age appropriate life and behaviour skills such as sharing, working as a team and being kind.

    Hayley Holden has run her sole nutrition business for over 12 years and is extremely experienced in working with children from the age of two years.

Did you know that Children's Yoga is a fun opportunity for nursery children to :

 Exercise

 Feel healthy

 Learn about their bodies

 Build their own confidence

 Develop Co-ordination and balance

 Develop better concentration and listening skills

 Learn how to deal effectively with various emotions including anger, worry, anxiety and confidence.

 Learn how to relax in various capacities

 Learn about healthy eating

 Work as a team and problem solve

 Learn their own limits and capabilities

 Learnt to accept one another and to be kind.Have a positive association to fitness.

Children’s Yoga classes are offered within the nursery environment an interactive, creative and educational class. We must stress that a children's yoga class is not like a traditional adult yoga class, it is taught through story, song and body movement incorporating dynamic age appropriate yoga based postures, moving at a pace to engage the children. Children do not need to sit quietly and calmly moving from one yoga pose to another, they need to be on their feet, sitting, lying down, on their feet again, lying down moving towards the relaxation at the end of the class.

Each class is designed to offer children techniques to help them deal with various emotions in a positive way, this may incorporate child friendly breathing exercises and effective yoga postures helping a child when they feel, amongst others, angry, hyperactive, sad, overwhelmed, anxious and shy.

Class Content

A typical children’s yoga class follows the same flow, assisting all children to feel safe, relaxed and to help participation.

A general outline of a class is:

 Introduction - Children are invited into the space to sit in a circle to start the class.

 Introduction Sound - Once children are sitting, a Tibetan singing bowl is used to offer a starting sound to the children to engage and help calm them from their journey to the class. This instrument is magical and never ceases to hold a child attention.

 Checking into their own bodies – Children are encouraged to become aware of their own bodies through spoken guidance, and throughout the class they are taught how to listen to their bodies. We often use fun breathing techniques in this moment to help focus.

 Stretches/Warm Up – A routine which remains the same in each class to help children become familiar, offering children a safe and fun start to exercise. This routine may be changed each term depending on the age/ability of the children.

 Name Circle – Each child is offered space to say there name out loud if they feel comfortable, offering each child a chance to ‘shine’ and build their self confidence. For the younger children (2-4 years) this may be omitted until children feel ready.

 The Story/Journey – Children’s yoga classes are based on an age appropriate story, journey or adventure which is told through verbal communication by myself, whilst the children are encouraged to copy my body actions (using dynamic and still yoga postures) to act the story out.

 Relaxation – Children lie down to rest their bodies whilst listening to a gentle spoken relaxation tailored to children. This helps to relax from the excitement of the story and to return to class/parent much calmer/more focused. Children do enjoy this part and it works after an active class.

 Close – All the children are invited back into a seated circle as a group and we close the class with the Tibetan singing bowl or a sound to resonate with the feeling of the closing of the class.

The Stories / Journeys Adventures

Classes are based on stories, journeys and/or adventure helping to engage children and to ensure yoga is fun! Each class is tailored and planned for each group to either run alongside the current curriculum/themes within your nursery or the story/journey/adventure can be be chosen by myself, something which will be discussed when you book classes with myself.

All classes are always based on positivity, encouraging age appropriate life and behaviour skills such as sharing, working as a team and being kind.

"Sign-along is a key word sign-supported communication system based on British Sign Language (BSL) and is used in spoken word order. It uses speech, sign, body language, facial expression and voice tone to reference the link between sign and word."


Sign-along is used throughout the nursery to support communication and language development. It is used on a day to day basis as well as being emphasised in small group work through song and story times by our qualified staff. 

Visits to Coldwell Nursing Home.

Children from Wyeside Day Nursery have been making the headlines by once a month visiting their local Nursing Home, Coldwell House Care Home.

The elderly residents and children do various activities together, such as making Valentine’s Day cards, telling stories, singing and playing games.

The Nursery Manager has been quoted in saying: “The Relationship is beautiful.” between them.

It’s clear that both generations benefit from spending time together, some of the benefits include:

The residents teach valuable life lessons. What better way for children to learn important life lessons, than to learn from wise elderly people who have lived a long and interesting life- who have learned many valuable lessons along the way. 

Children love stories, and care home residents have hundreds of them.They share stories, experiences and many develop a special bond. Meeting new people also builds confidence and is the perfect environment to encourage self-esteem.It encourages children to learn to respect their elders.

The children have also learnt that in some circumstances  they need to speak quietly but sometimes it is necessary to speak more loudly if an older person is having difficulty hearing them.

Some of our nurseries children may not have interaction with elderly people in their day - to - day life, and therefore may not be taught to respect their elders. However , if interacting with older people is part of their education, then they can be taught to respect their elders. When our children are having fun and learning with the residents, then their respect for each other grow's naturally.

Many residents may not have any grandchildren in their life and would otherwise miss out on the joys of being entertained by children. Similarly children at nursery may not have grandparents in their life and would otherwise miss out on the entertainment that the older generation can provide.






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