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About us


Our Day Nursery.

Wyeside Day Nursery is a unique setting that benefits from plenty of spacious rooms. We allow children the flexibility to design their play space as their journey progresses.Our rooms are hand designed by the owner Amanda Partridge who has carefully chosen themes, fabrics and furnishings along with some very quirky items that provide both children and practitioners with a very unique environment. 


Cosy Cottage  3 months to 2 years.

This is a lovely, cosy room full of exploration and excitement. All children have free access to a range of natural materials and play items to encourage their discovery processes. All babies have a key person with whom they will establish a close bond with, ideal for snuggling in times. The babies have free flow access to their own outdoor area and enjoy lots of messy play which encourages development of all sensory functions. The babies go on regular walks and outings using our six seater turtle bus and can often be found enjoying the duck pond or rolling down the banks at the castle green .There is an adjoining sleep room which allows babies time to rest and relax in a lovely environment.


 2 years to 3 years.

 The children in this room definitely take advantage of our indoor sensory den and free flow access to their own outdoor area. They are a very busy group who enjoy a variety of activities both adult and child led.

 All children and their families benefit from a key person who works closely with them to ensure their needs continue to be met. They still have time to snuggle in and rest when needed but are also offered a wide range of activities and opportunities  and as many of these as possible take place outdoors. Sensory play is still very much at the forefront and parents are reminded that children often do not return from nursery with an end product. However, there are always lots of photographs available and on display to show what the children have achieved and discovered during their session. 

Treehouse 3 years to 5 years.

 Our pre school children have the benefit of a large room with many very exciting and challenging free flow outdoor area​s which they certainly make the most of. Children begin their own learning adventure and set themselves challenges which practitioners encourage them to achieve.

 The room is very much child led and adults are on hand to scaffold the children's learning without stifling the child's curiosity. Regular outings are enjoyed by all the children and they particularly enjoy their trips to the library and the sensory park.

 Forest school lessons and dance lessons are led by qualified instructors to ensure that the children are kept stimulated and foster their interest in trying new activities.

 Children progress well through the EYFS and transition well into school. Further details can be found on our learning and development page.


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